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What is GivDay all about?

GivDay is about driving engagement and growing sales. The idea is simple: when you put the power to direct a company contribution into the hands of your customers or employees, good things happen. Morale is boosted, engagement increases and your company outperforms your competitors.

Why should I sign up?

Because it's the right thing to do.
Okay...really, though. GivDay is easy to use, simple to set up and cost effective (and by cost effective, we mean free*). You've got nothing to lose!

How will this benefit my company?

GivDay amplifies your workforce by transforming your employees into true brand ambassadors and inspiring top performance. Studies show that companies with happily engaged employees outperform other businesses by up to 202%. In addition, 71% of people report that they want to work at companies with good values. GivDay makes your business a more desirable - and enjoyable - place to work. As a result, productivity, work ethic and your bottom line increases.

What is the ROI for GivDay?

Research conducted by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Norton on social good incentives claims that the ROI of social good incentives could be as high as 500% of what you spend.

How will this benefit my employees?

Studies show that employees who are very involved in their company's cause program are 28% more likely to be proud of their company and its values. By allowing your employees to direct a company contribution to a cause of their choice, the employee, willingly and actively, engages with your company and its values. By disrupting conventional Corporate Social Responsibility, you are empowering your employees by giving them a choice, ultimately driving long-term loyalty and truly connecting doing well and doing good.

How should my company fund a GivDay campaign?

It depends on what you're using it for!

Companies who use GivDay for employee engagement typically use a fraction of their human resources budget to pay for GivDay. For example, many companies allocate 2% of their payroll to employee incentives that drive higher productivity and engagement. GivDay uses social good incentives, which has been proven to increase productivity and ROI up to five times.

Companies who use GivDay for customer engagement will typically fund their GivDay campaigns through their marketing, loyalty and PR budgets. Other companies have used a portion of their CSR budget to launch a GivDay for employees and customers alike.

How many GivDay campaigns can I set up?

As many as you want! Some companies set up different campaigns for different departments, clients or boards. There is no limit to the amount of emails you can send.

What is the difference between GivDay Basic and GivDay Pro?

GivDay Basic gives you all the tools you need to launch your GivDay campaign in just a few minutes. GivDay Pro kicks it up a notch, giving you additional features like custom scheduling and expiration dates, employee reminders, customized cause list, a customized branding, AdPage and CSV import.

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Will my credit card be secure?

Yes, your credit card will be completely secure and protected. We use Stripe, which is used by many major global companies.

What reporting tools do you offer?

We offer reporting analytics on every single GivDay session you create. We track the number of contributions sent each session, the number of contributions collected each session and the status of each contribution (collected versus pending).

How many causes can my employees choose from?

We have over 1,000,000 causes available in our database that your employees can choose from.

What happens if their favorite cause is not offered?

Easy: if your employees cannot find their favorite cause in our database, they have the ability to add their own.

When will the cause receive the contribution?

Each cause receives the contribution to their account on in real-time, as soon as the user validates their choice. Causes can cash out the contribution on-demand through PayPal.

Will I get back any amount not contributed by my participants?

Yes. Just like when hotel reserve an amount on your credit card when you check in, once your GivDay has expired (usually 24 hours), the unclaimed contributions will be automatically credited to you account to be used in the next GivDay.

The science behind

Professor Michael I. Norton from Harvard Business School has conducted a study in 132 countries showing that giving people small amounts of money to buy something for themselvesor give to others or charity increases their happiness level.

As a conclusion we at GivDay believe that by allowing your employees to send small amounts of money to their favorite cause every week, that will increase their happiness and thus productivity.

Start sending happiness